Our Story - Engineering Solutions in Law

Where Engineering Meets Law

At Banoo Law Canada, we’re not just attorneys; we’re engineers at heart. Led by Ali Kamalipour, a seasoned engineer and legal expert, we’re uniquely positioned to understand and address the intricate legal needs of engineers, scientists, and technologists. Our firm specializes in empowering small to medium enterprises in STEM fields, providing expert legal advice tailored to the complex world of technical innovation.
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Our Founder

Meet Ali Kamalipour, an engineer turned legal expert. With hands-on experience in engineering and a comprehensive legal background, Ali is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between technical innovation and legal expertise.
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Our Philosophy

At Banoo Law Canada, we believe in a legal approach informed by our engineering mindset. We start with a solid foundation and focus on the details, ensuring a comprehensive solution to legal challenges.

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Our Difference

Unlike traditional law firms, our team comprises individuals who are first engineers, then lawyers. This unique blend of skills sets us apart, enabling us to provide unparalleled legal services to the engineering and tech sectors.