Specialized Legal Services for Engineering Minds

Legal Services

At Banoo Law Canada, we’re not just attorneys; we’re engineers at heart. Led by Ali Kamalipour, a seasoned engineer and legal expert, we’re uniquely positioned to understand and address the intricate legal needs of engineers, scientists, and technologists. Our firm specializes in empowering small to medium enterprises in STEM fields, providing expert legal advice tailored to the complex world of technical innovation.
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Corporate & Commercial Services

Expert guidance on corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and more.
At Banoo we are uniquely positioned to advise engineers and their businesses on fit-for-purpose solutions to mitigate and leverage legal and commercial risks associated with their operations. Examples include negotiating master supply, service, or maintenance agreements, as well as drafting asset-secured purchase or lease instruments, conducting internal regulatory compliance audits, to name but a few of the C&C services we can provide.
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M&A Planning & Execution

Navigating mergers and acquisitions with a technical edge.
Effective planning and execution are key value-enablers in any M&A lifecycle. When the subject matter is technical in nature, our engineering knowledge and problem solving skills become your key competitive advantages. At Banoo, we either have or can quickly develop an intimate understanding of the technical solutions you are divesting or acquiring. This is an often overlooked attribute in selecting fit-for-purpose counsel. With us, you avoid the time, energy, and money spent on bringing your lawyers up to speed on what exactly it is that you are planning to achieve with your M&A projects. That is because we are engineers who are also lawyers.
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IP Management & Commercialization

Protecting and leveraging your innovations.
Effectively understanding and communicating the unique attributes of your technical innovations are key to leveraging them as revenue generators and protecting them as hard-earned assets. At Banoo, we can provide expert legal advice when it comes to developing patent and trademark applications in Canada and the United States. We can also devise commercial solutions to license, sell, or otherwise monetize your IP portfolio.
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New Market Entry Planning & Execution

Strategic legal advice for expanding your business horizons.
From its inception, Banoo is meant to be a cross-border law firm of choice for engineers and STEM enterprises. Our experience and knowledge of the Canadian and US markets and legal systems allow us to guide our clients in their efforts to expand their operations in either of the two jurisdictions. The strength of the Canada-US relationship is a model for nations everywhere and we are proud to take part in its continuous growth along with our clients.
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Legal Project Management

Efficient and effective legal project oversight.
Legal expense is a dreaded subject for corporations irrespective of size, industry, or jurisdiction. But, that simply does not have to be the case. By implementing fundamental engineering project management principles, many of which STEM companies are already doing in their core operations, and adapting them to the legal function, Banoo can help legal departments and other law firms realize significant savings in time, quality, and costs.