Engineering is our passion. Law is our profession.

At Banoo, we're engineering a wholly new kind of law firm experience; one that is uniquely attuned to engineers' needs and their businesses.

Because we're engineers, too.
At Banoo Law Canada, we’re not just attorneys; we’re engineers at heart. Led by Ali Kamalipour, a seasoned engineer and legal expert, we’re uniquely positioned to understand and address the intricate legal needs of engineers, scientists, and technologists. Our firm specializes in empowering small to medium enterprises in STEM fields, providing expert legal advice tailored to the complex world of technical innovation.

Who We Help

Engineering & Resource Companies

Banoo Law Canada empowers engineering and resource firms with strategic legal services that complement their innovative work and safeguard their interests.

Corporate Legal Departments

We offer corporate legal departments specialized support, supplementing their internal resources with our deep understanding of engineering-sector legalities.

Other Law Firms

Our firm provides other law firms with targeted expertise in STEM-related legal challenges, enhancing their capacity to serve complex industry demands.